Mission Statement

Mission Statement

One of the commonly used names for a Retractable / Self-Retracting Lifeline (SRL) is a”YOYO.”  While having a name like “YOYO” would make it seem fun to an egghead like me. Spending your time researching and money on buying a “YOYO” certainly is not. 

My goal at Humpty Dumpty’s Retractable review is to make your decision a little easier by comparing products from the most trusted manufacturers in the business. And guiding you to the best places to buy them. I also have a page with Other Stuff that I think everyone should consider before doing work off of the ground (so that you won’t get egg on your face.)

Dangling Participles

By Humpty Dumpty |  March 11, 2018

The expression “His life is hanging by a thread” illustrates just how tenuous life can be. Yet “Hanging by a thread” becomes quite literal  for those who fall while protected by a “fall arrest system.”  By definition, this “system” consists of an anchorage connector, a body harness, a lanyard, deceleration device, lifeline, or a suitable combination of these. If any one of these components is lacking your shell could be cracking.

OSHA defines a “retractable” as a deceleration device containing a drum-wound line. That can be slowly extracted from, or retracted onto, the drum under slight tension during normal employee movement. And which, after onset of a fall, automatically locks the drum and arrests the fall. The disc brake system, activated by any sudden movement, functions much like a seat belt. Once activated, it will stop the action of a fall.

Retractable vs. The “KING”

In nearly every company’s fall protection arsenal, the shock-absorbing lanyard is king. The lanyards simple low maintenance design and low price make it very attractive to a company that is outfitting dozens of employees. The retractable on the other hand has become more commonplace yet is still a small minority of fall protection. That being said the retractable has some BIG advantages. The most obvious is shown in this illustration.

The retractable will stop you four feet faster. Additionally the retractable exerts less force on the body. The retracting aspect helps prevent falls from happening in the first place, by not being a trip hazard. On top of all of that, the retractable is easier to store, no tangled mess in the gangbox.

All the King’s Horses

According to Boston-based Liberty Mutual, the leading private provider of worker’s compensation insurance in the United States, on-the-job injuries cost employers nearly $1 billion per week in payments to injured employees and their medical care providers. $52 billion dollars is a lot of liability. I have heard many times that falls are the leading cause of occupational injuries and deaths. I just wonder how many billions, the four foot shorter stopping distance that a retractable provides, could save?


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