About Me

Humpty Dumpty Here,

I have worked in construction and maintenance for the last nineteen years. I have worked everything from commercial school jobs and high rises to power plants, chemical plants, oil refineries and nuclear facilities.

In those nineteen years I’ve been further off of the ground than most people have been from home. I’ve been on jobs where we worked seven twelves with spotty overtime. During my time I’ve seen the Industry improve in safety in many ways. Not the least of which is self retracting lifelines and lanyards.

I decided to do a product comparison site when I was faced with buying my own retractable. I realized that there is so much info out there about self retracting lifelines and self retracting lanyards that it is kinda overwhelming.

I hope that you find this site helpful when buying your retractable.

And by the way I am offering my honest opinion about these products. I am only recommending products from manufacturers that I have dealt with before. I have used many of these actual products. You should always read and follow manufacturer’s instructions.